Niina Pollari

Do You Feel Tenderness
When I went to the doctor
I forgot to take off my bra
She said "Oh! I'm sorry, I need to check
Your breast tissue"
Yes, I said, I'm so sorry

I had a hard time unclasping the hooks and eyes
I didn't look at the doctor, who was a new lady doctor
I met ten minutes before, at the start of my appointment
Finally I took off my bra
So many wolves fell out

In the roaring of the wolves the doctor said "Do you feel tenderness"
She was touching me

No, I said, not mostly
She said "You have very fibrous breast tissue I would not be surprised
If you felt tenderness during your period"

And the wolves ran around the table like a dog pack
Screaming and howling
In that little room
I said I don't have a period, then we barely locked eyes, the end