Anne Sexton

Lessons in Hunger

'Do you like me?'
I asked the blue blazer.
No answer.
Silence bounced out of his books.
Silence fell off his tongue
and sat between us
and clogged my throat.
It slaughtered my trust.
It tore cigarettes out of my mouth.
We exchanged blind words,
and I did not cry,
and I did not beg,
blackness lunged in my heart,
and something that had been good,
a sort of kindly oxygen,
turned into a gas oven.
Do you like me?
How absurd!
What's a question like that?

What's a silence like that?
And what am I hanging around for,
riddled with what his silence said? 

Pablo Milanés - La vida no vale nada



Primitive Knot



Cartea de Piatra

Shida Shahabi


Elena Firsova: Tristia (Osip Mandelstam)

Elena Firsova TRISTIA Op. 22 1979 Cantata for soprano and chamber orchestra on poems by Osip Mandelstam (in Russian) 1. Andante (orchestral) 2. Lento (soprano solo) 3. Andante (soprano and orchestra) 4. Vivo (soprano and orchestra) 5. Adagio (soprano and orchestra) – – perc (2 wood bl, 2 bongos, tam-t, tubular bells, glsp, vibr). harp. cel. strings (4/3/4/3/1) Duration: 16’ First performance: 17 October 1981, Moscow Conservatoire Irina Muratova (soprano) – Orchestra of the Moscow Conservatoire – Eduard Serov (conductor) Publisher: © Sikorski, Hamburg for the world English translation of the poems by D.Smirnov-Sadovsky

Tomaž Šalamun


María Emilia Cornejo

Soy la Muchacha Mala de la Historia

la muchacha mala de la historia,
la que fornicó con tres hombres
y le sacó cuernos a su marido.
soy la mujer
que lo engañó cotidianamente
por un miserable plato de lentejas,
la que le quitó lentamente su ropaje de bondad
hasta convertirlo en una piedra
negra y estéril,
soy la mujer que lo castró
con infinitos gestos de ternura
y gemidos falsos en la cama.
la muchacha mala de la historia.

María Emilia Cornejo