Demolition in progress

GärtnerhAUS from Martina Vodermayer on Vimeo.

EXEDO feat. MARTAVICTOR – Totalschadens-Protokoll, internet release, Attenuation Circuit, Germany, 17 January 2017
The Totalschadens-Protokoll 20min sound work is based on a diary (July 5–19, 2016) of the demolition of a pretty, old mansion in Augsburg, located in an exquisite park with rare trees and antique greenhouses. The text was written and is read by Augsburg resident Marta Victor a.k.a. Martina Vodermayer, who also released a video of the destruction with her own pictures of the event. Recorded live at K15 in Augsburg on 14 January 2017, the music consists of bold musique concrete sounds by Emerge, progressively getting noisier as the demolition progresses. The entire concept is interesting and moving, a great addition to the formidable Attenuation Circuit catalogue –a Pandora’s box of experimental music.